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A Day For Romance

Happy Valentine's Day!


Have you ever wondered how St Valentine's Day came about? Here are a few things I discovered.

The Victorians considered it bad luck if a Valentine's card was signed.

In Medieval times, young maidens would consume an array of strange foods in the hope of seeing their future love.


Wearing your heart on your sleeve is an expression believed to have originated in Medieval times when young men and women would wear a name, selected from a bowl, on their sleeve for a week for all to see.

King Henry VII declared February 14th the holiday of St Valentine in 1537

Chocolate became synonymous with St Valentines' Day when Physicians of 1800's suggested it would calm pining for lost love. The first box of Valentine chocolates was produced in the late 1800's.


Why a red rose? It was the favourite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of Love.

Do you have any fun facts you can add?