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Tools For Success

Tools For Success

Writing requires discipline, commitment, energy, and above all, self-belief. So how do you manage to keep all those elements positive, which in turn will keep you moving forward with your writing?


Keep connected with other authors, who are, after all, like-minded people who understand! It could be a simple as a chat on social media or as...

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Beyond the Happy Ever After


Today my husband and I are celebrating twenty-seven years of marriage. As confetti was thrown at me after our wedding in the local chapel, it was definitely my happy ever after moment.

Beyond the Happy Ever After

But the story continues...

Which got me thinking, how would life be for the characters of my stories twenty-seven years on?

So, I delved back into one of my...

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From One Decade to Another

It's another New Year's Eve and it is as much a time of reflection, as one of excitement and looking forward. Only this year, it's a chance to look back over a decade and welcome another. A whole new set of pages!
From One Decade to Another
As 2009 clicked over to 2010, I was still dreaming of becoming a published author and had just embarked on a road of discovery that took...

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Her Exotic Prince

About thirteen years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Liz Fielding when she attended an afternoon at my local writing group to talk about writing romance. I’d known since I was nine years old, that I wanted to write and the discovery of Mills and Boon in my local library when I was a teenager made sure that whatever I wrote would be...

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From Rachael's Desk - Characters

Creating Characters You and Your Readers Will Love
From Rachael's Desk - Characters
This post is later than I had anticipated because I was buried deep in revisions on my latest book. Actually, I was buried deep in rewrites because my characters didn’t leap off the page. The didn’t bring their story to life. The reason why. I couldn’t envisage them as real...

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