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A Shocking Proposal in Sicily

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To Blackmail a Di Sione









A Shocking Proposal in Sicily

A Shocking Proposal in Sicily

I love a marriage of convenience story. Especially when the hero and heroine have already given into an instant and powerful attraction and that is what came to my mind when Rafe and Kaliana slipped into my imagination.
Rafe Casella needs to marry and produce the next Casella generation, something he’d always assumed his twin brother would do, but circumstances mean that duty now falls to him. Rafe is not the marrying kind, much less the type of man who wants to be a father and settle down and mulling his future over one evening, he meets a beautiful woman, Ana, who instantly takes his mind off the situation.
Princess Kaliana knows she must marry for her kingdom’s sake, but with her heart broken after the tragic death of her fiancé, her father’s choice of husband is not hers. Determined to forget the pressing need to find a husband, she indulges in an uncharacteristic night of pleasure with a handsome Sicilian, who confides in her that he too is being forced to marry for family duty.
Several months later, with time running out, Kaliana tracks Rafe down in Sicily and finally reveals her identity and her proposal of a marriage of convenience. Rafe is stunned to find out the woman he shared one passionate night with is not only a princess, but the key to securing his family’s fortune. He accepts her deal, but very soon the convenience of the proposed marriage becomes exactly the opposite when he realises his icy heart has fallen in love, but can he convince Kaliana of his love?